Why buy local?

Terminals. Collingwood, Ontario, Canada

Canadians are a very patriotic and proud people. Not in a obnoxious we-are-the-best-counrtry-in-the-world kinda way, but in a more humble yeah-we-are-kinda-awesome kinda way. And rightly so! Being Scottish-born and raised, I am reminded every day why I moved to this country. Canada is a beautiful place to live, filled with amazing scenery and some of

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Online Shop Now Open!

Order of hand-made American Apparel ethical tee shirts

That took a minute… The DIY ethic is alive and well here in the ‘Collective Camp. We essentially started with little more than ambition and an outlying goal to take a tiny piece of Quiksilver and Billabong’s long-cooled pie. Having never produced silk-screened apparel previously, outside of a kernel of second-hand awareness of the process,

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