Set Sail for the Unknown.

Crafting affordable, ethical apparel, on our own terms, inspired by all that we are. Skateboarders. BMXers. Surfers. Mountain bikers. Tree-hugging enviro-nerds. Game-changers?

Affordable ethical apparel. How did that seem like a great idea?

Everyone grows up a little differently; we’re all from different walks of life, unique upbringings, and over time we learn to forge our own identities and personalities. The wonderful thing about friendship is that it binds individuals together into a symbiotic relationship. The four of us are unique beings with different thoughts in our heads, but when the topic of connection came up one day, it seemed odd to suddenly understand how simple, and yet complex, our bonds with one another really are.

We find ourselves anxiously awaiting the first snowfall, dreaming of the weightless sensation of knee-deep pow. We have scars and badly mended injuries from skateboarding and snowboarding and biking. The lakes and oceans holds untold secrets for us, and the awesome power of the waves inspire us and move us as we struggle to turn down the line. The fresh, lush green and earthen smells of the woods ground us and remind us of our responsibility to the planet and to one another.

Growing up with skateboards in small towns meant constantly grasping and reaching for the sense of belonging and community that often eluded us. Everyone, in some way, seeks to be a part of something meaningful. At some point in our lives, sometimes daily, we’re immensely grateful for the friends and companions we meet along the journey. Why the hell did we decide to make a go of clothing in a hugely saturated market? We think we offer something others either can’t or don’t.

Our Crew

Byron Jones

The Face / The Hair

Me, In 10 Words or Less:

Moustache. Kindness. Whiskey. Manly-man. Outgoing. Positive. Grounded. Punk rock. Family.

Robyn Young

The Sociable

Me, In 10 Words or Less:

Shred. Skate. Bike. Books. Music. Generousity. Looking beyond the surface. Scotch.

Benjamin Henry

The Dreamer

Me, In 10 Words or Less:

Oddball designer. Gear whore. Powder hound. Nature nerd. Skate punk.

Values and Aspirations

Grab your favourite tee shirt or hoodie out of the laundry and read the label. I’ll bet you it’s made in a country you can’t easily pinpoint on a map, much less guarantee ethical treatment and working conditions for it’s workers. We’ve chosen American Apparel to produce our bare clothing because they fit well, last well, and they give their workers an opportunity to access wages and ammenities otherwise unavailable in the garment industry. If you’re interested, you can read more here and here. It’s more costly, but we’re of the system of belief that when you drop your hard-earned money on something, it should last.

We can’t totally let the cat out of the bag yet, but fostering a grassroots approach to the skateboard, snowboard, bike and surf communities means sponsorship of selected athletes and putting product on the backs of ambassadors who stand for the advancement of sports on a local level. We believe in community and hope to improve communication and growth of the sports we hold near and dear. Did I mention we all grew up skateboarding in some capacity? We hope to be able to talk here more about building skateboards later…

For now, we’re going to do our best to make the best clothing we can, while trying to make a difference. We hope you’ll join us along the way.