Edgy style and subtle, hidden details elevate this Collingwood barber shop branding. Strong, classic colours, with punk rock and tattoo shop influences maintain a balance of class and crass.

I can recall the first time my Dad took me into a barber shop for a cut – it was a completely new experience. The smells and sounds, and constant chatter set it apart from any haircut I’d had previously. Barbering has moved into increased trade prominence in the last decade, and with many more springing up, it takes some consideration to build effective creative.

We dug into the personality and desired clientele for this barber shop, and spent some time researching similar, successful shops. While they have respect for the more traditional barbers, there was no desire to hop on board with the retro-revival approach.

The end result nods to vintage barber signs, complete with traditional barber pole, but uses modern typography and elements to reflect the high-caliber of gentleman’s products and services offered.