A clean, vintage-inspired logo that ties into the heyday of adventure and outdoor branding.

Sometimes the ideas start rising from the ether only a few moments into a consultation. This was that. I could visualize two distinct directions, almost immediately, and couldn’t wait to get them into development. This client is located directly in Collingwood, in the heart of South Georgian Bay paddling country, so the branding had to stand above.

The client also had some direct input on the creative, and specified a very distinct form be used for the canoe paddles. As they use only a specific type of paddle, they had to be illustrated from photo, to ensure the dimensions were appropriate.

This was the second, but our preferred, option, which was arrived at quickly. It has a classic feel that holds familiarity with anyone who attended a summer camp as a kid. The resulting branding is accessible, exudes an adventurous vibe, and works cleanly across platforms.