Walk the Walk – Canadian-Made Ethical Apparel.

Hi! We create and produce awesome handmade, ethical apparel. We’re dreamers, artists and believers in more responsible living, and hope you’d like to be a part of that ideology, too. Fast fashion and disposable culture impress a huge footprint into our daily lives, and we think there’s a better way.

Wouldn’t you like your favourite hoodie to last for years? An ethical and sustainable approach matters to us. We use only sweatshop-free products as the basis for all our pieces. Local business is the cornerstone of any community, and we do our best to source everything as close to home as possible, and ensure Canadian business futures.

Each piece is handmade in our Collingwood, Ontario studio, from concept, to sketch, to final screen-printing. True to our DIY and punk rock roots, we strive to produce ethical apparel that fits fantastically, and lasts a really long time. If you look good, so do we, right? Skip the two dollar tees and stick with a local, Canadian, little guy. Be a part of a better approach.