Less corporate. More creative.

Unusual Perspective. Exceptional Results.

Creative thinking and strategic analysis. Delivering results and connecting audiences. We’re a small, nimble creative studio with a lot of heart and huge respect for the planet. Everything we do is undertake with the greatest possible consideration for the natural world.

Perspective is everything, and the best ideas often arrive from unexpected inspiration. The wind swaying the tree limbs overhead. The resonant crunch of freshly fallen snow. The stance and patina on a vintage car. The grain character in freshly-carved wood.

We’ve worked in many peripheral roles inside and outside of design and advertising, which provide an entirely different perspective of our role within it. You may also recognize our efforts from local ethical apparel design and production – we’re constantly learning and evolving, and striving for better.

( Yes, we used to make clothing. Yes, we're still considering it. )


We aim to please, and we believe our ethics set us apart as much as our design and artwork. We take pride in producing exceptional results while adhering to some simple, non-negotiable guidelines.

Be Kind.

Success doesn’t come from standing atop the backs of other cultures. No sweatshops. No sketchy offshore outsourcing that comes at the cost of expense of others.

Be Friendly.

We believe strongly in environmental stewardship, and explore all available options for friendlier print materials and substrates.

Be Brave.

We fiercely stand by our clients, who value what we do and how we do it. We constantly push boundaries with available technologies and production methods.



Analytical, creative branding solutions for businesses, large and small.

Collateral Design

Complimentary creative assets to support your brand – business cards, brochures, rack cards, etc.

Copy Writing

Clear, concise written material to support your advertising and marketing initiative.

Web Design

Effective, responsive websites that engage, while allowing you to govern input and content on a whim.

Illustration + Fine Art

Commissioned pieces available upon request.

Ethical Apparel

Sweat-free and fashion forward – casual clothing that respects the environment.

A Selection of our Work.

Want to get to know us a little better? Hint - we drink a lot of coffee.

Benjamin Henry

Graphic Designer / Primary Creative.

“Georgian College Alumni. Parent of 4. Country Boy. Snowboarder. Mountain Biker. Musician. Photography Nerd. Environmental Advocate. Fly Fisherman. Fine Artist.”

“I have experienced several departures from daily design in my two decades of creative career pursuit. The trades have always appealed to me, as my father was a master mechanic. I’ve drawn enormous experience from working in cabinetry, carpentry, automotive, interior renovation, and sign crafting. There is always a vision in my mind’s eye that I strive towards – whether I’m rebuilding an old truck, renovating a room, or putting a layout together. My approach to the creative process is all encompassing, and manifests itself in all aspects of my life.”



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First Contact

“Hi! Nice to meet you! We make / build / do creative stuff. I know – you’ve heard we just draw pictures all day, but it’s more than that. I think we might be of some assistance!”

Discussion & Planning

“It sounds like you’ve got some great ideas for this new project, and we can help! Let me order a couple more coffees and we can dig into some market research.”
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Final Strategy

“This looks and sounds like a far better idea and approach than your competitors. Would you like to create some nice condolences cards while we’re at it?”


“We’ve narrowed things down to one awesome final outcome, and it rips! Let’s get this off to production and update your site / social!”


“Ok, everything is completed, and looks sweet! Let us know if you need anything else, or if you’re ready to brainstorm over another java. We can’t wait to hear the feedback from your clients!”



Cimarron Close, Okotoks, Alberta


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