Music To Silkscreen By


I don’t know about you, but I need music in my life. There’s pretty much a constant soundtrack going through my head. I can’t drive for more than a minute without music (unless of course I’m almost at a destination and need to turn the music down to see better where I’m going…) Music enhances

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Fucking Handle It – Getting Shit Done in Small Business

Contest announcements. Marketing consultation. Design concepts. Website updates. Order fulfillment. Brainstorming. Critical thinking. Account management. Inventory control. Social media interaction. Photography. Illustration. Copywriting. Verbal promotion. Event sponsorship. I don’t want to add any further responsibilities, since that already overwhelms me. Blog upkeep. That too. When we began this foray into entrepreneurship on a wing and

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Why buy local?

Terminals. Collingwood, Ontario, Canada

Canadians are a very patriotic and proud people. Not in a obnoxious we-are-the-best-counrtry-in-the-world kinda way, but in a more humble yeah-we-are-kinda-awesome kinda way. And rightly so! Being Scottish-born and raised, I am reminded every day why I moved to this country. Canada is a beautiful place to live, filled with amazing scenery and some of

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