Constant Evolution, In Ethics and Business.

We sat up under our own power. We were crawling. We began to walk. We tentatively began to move in an almost graceful, forward momentum, when we suddenly found ourselves staring down an obstacle course made mostly by our own hands. Now what? Can someone please pass me a road map?

Being a small, ethical entity has always provided a succinct number of benefits. We enjoy the simple autonomy of being responsible for business failure or success, and the ability to make decisions effectively on the fly. What it does not do is guarantee that all, or any, of our decisions are correct, sane or successful. We’ve been at this just over two years now, and already we’ve seen an incredibly frustrating share of challenges, poor decisions, errors and we’ve sometimes quietly shared that stare between us as the hours wear on.


What the hell are we doing?

Since I’m the pen behind this posting, I can review my own character traits and critique my choices in a way I’d hope my crew would not otherwise do of me.

I’m often my own greatest obstacle.

I’ve often been called the “dreamer” in life, as I’m constantly living life with my head in the clouds. My creative background, coupled with the challenges I’ve always had in towing the line, or even simply taking the path that actually makes logical sense often means I end up using effort, air and energy in excess to come to a conclusion or concept. Twelve words where three could suffice. Five designs when we really needed one.

But through that frustration and self-evaluation, there’s also something special in being responsible to yourself. In the end, it may not matter, as long as your vision is focused ahead. I’d like to believe that in a number of ways, we’ve sharpened that focus.

We’ve undertaken an enormous effort as of late to print and sell through all of our existing American Apparel-sourced products. We like the fit. We love the longevity and ease with which they take ink and the brand equity the product brings with it. We want you to cheerfully buy it all up now. Sort of…

We’re very pleased to announce that we’ve elected to move ahead with converting to an all-Canadian, ethical and sweatshop-free product. Great fit, excellent lines, and a product manufactured in the GTA, rather than LA. It’s as close to the locally-made mark as we can come without cutting and sewing the products ourselves. We sincerely appreciate your patience, and would love to hear your feedback as this rolls out.

So, in typical “dreamer” form, I’d like to say that we have had our sights on this for the last two years. What was supposed to be a temporary test run ended up taking us to where we are now. We hope to continue to do our friends and customers proud by walking the walk and keeping the ethics clear and well-attended to while kicking out an ever-developing catalogue of inspiring designs.

Lets take a minute to raise a Molson Canadian, hold our hockey sticks high and channel our Terry and Deaner and “giver”, eh?



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