Fun, funny and full of energy, this illustrative logo put a local food trailer on the map! There's nothing calm of subtle about this logo - it's inviting you to dig right in!

Larry and Lloyd’s was not our typical client. They explicitly wanted something fun and funny, that encouraged smiles, engagement and a long line up of hungry customers. When discussing the parameters of this project with the client, the idea of using their dogs as caricatures arose.

As this was a completely blank slate, and it struck us a particularly funny, we donned our illustrative hats and got to work. Starting from photos, the client requested attention to the distinct colours and markings on his dogs, as they’re often present on-site at events. The Larry and Lloyd name is both a play of his dogs’ names, and a nod to a comedy movie – another reason this couldn’t take a serious tone.

The logo colours encourage a hearty appetite and striking, playful appeal, while Larry and Lloyd look completely blissful in their buns and condiments. This logo led to a stunning trailer wrap and menu boards to complete the package, and a hugely successful presence in the area.